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在百老汇官网,百老汇官网的目标是在教育上取得成功. We aim to provide resources to support our students as they learn and develop leadership, 批判性思维的, creativity and communication skills that will serve them positively throughout their careers and lifelong learning paths.

Supporting our diverse population of students is also an important value for the university. We strive for an inclusive campus culture reflecting the full diversity of this country, providing a climate that supports increased access, opportunity and equity in all aspects of university life.

Below is a brief introduction to just some of the offices and resources at University of La Verne that exist to support our students during their journey. Please visit or call them to learn more about how they can help.


可及性服务 为学生提供医疗证明, 物理, 心理, attention-deficit and/or learning disabilities to help maximize their potential for success in all aspects of campus life. 服务包括学术住宿, 维护自己的权利, 技能培训, and disability-related educational programming for the university community.

国际 Services and 学生 Engagement

Office of 国际 Services and Engagement helps under研究生 and 研究生 international students and international scholars. We assist students from admission through graduation. 的 office advises students on maintaining visa status, how to work on campus or in Optional Practical Training (OPT), and requirements for remaining in the United States  to work after graduation. 他们提供了方向, 研讨会, and other events to help international students and scholars thrive at La Verne.


多元文化服务中心 (CMS) at the University of La Verne is a dynamic cultural space for students to call their own. CMS创建并支持程序, 服务, and resources dedicated to promoting an understanding of diversity and inclusiveness within the campus community and community-at-large, 培养一种探索的环境, 增强自我意识感, 和赋权, and collaboration among and celebration of our diverse communities. We offer a “living room” as a welcoming space for students to gather, coach students and others working with issues of diversity, provide diversity training 研讨会 for the campus, advocate for inclusion and participation for historically marginalized and undocumented students, 培养社区伙伴关系.

CMS empowers students through Peer Facilitator training, providing multicultural student leadership training, sponsoring students to attend leadership forums and conferences, advising and mentoring cultural clubs on campus, 和支持梦想家.


在百老汇官网,百老汇官网是 proud to support students who are veterans or serving in the armed forces (two of our regional campuses are located on military installations). 在百老汇官网所有的校园里, there is a knowledgeable VA Certifying Official who can help you navigate VA policies and procedures. 的 Sara and Michael Abraham Center for 经验丰富的学生成功 acts as an advocate and liaison for military- and VA-affiliated students, and will assist you throughout your educational journey with the University of La Verne.


健康对学业成功至关重要. All full-time under研究生 students and international students are enrolled in 大学生医疗保险 as part of their tuition, and other students may opt to purchase insurance. 服务包括急救, outpatient 服务 for acute and chronic problems, prescription and nonprescription medications, 妇女的健康, 生育控制, 免疫和疫苗, 运动体检, 留学等需求, 实验室测试, 健康和健康教育.


学生s at the University of La Verne can seek 咨询和心理服务 to assist with anxiety and stress management, 调整问题, 精神健康治疗, 饮食失调或药物滥用, or any other mental or emotional health issue that may be concerning you. 学生s can make an appointment or call or visit for crisis support. Services are free to all students (under研究生, 研究生, adult, regional on-line campuses).


职业中心 provides professional development instruction and career-oriented support to ensure University of La Verne students 研究生 with the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen profession(s). 百老汇官网提供关于求职技巧的研讨会, 就业安置和实习服务, and one-on-one assistance with mock interviews and resume and cover letter reviews for all under研究生, 研究生, 和当地的学生.


校园房屋 is available to all students (under研究生, 研究生, CAPA, Law, and Physician Assistant Program).  Residence Halls are located on the La Verne Campus. 的 mission of the 房屋及居住生活 program is to partner with students living on-campus to create a learning environment where students feel they are part of the university, 是生产性公民吗, 扩大他们的潜力.


Office of 第一代和同伴指导 provides support for first generation college students to learn, connect and engage successfully in a university setting. Through the Office of First Generation and Peer mentoring, 学生通过师徒关系获得支持, parental involvement and self-reflective processes, 以及学术上的, personal and professional development programs and 研讨会.

To view all student support offices, visit our 学生事务的网站.

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